Contra-J - Contra-J - Jazz-rock band


ALEXANDER LAVROV – producer, composer, pianist, arranger, conductor, author of an exclusive “Universal Method of Jazz Improvisation”. His music is playing on television, show and ballet. His songs are recorded on more than 30 discs in different musical styles.


IGOR LAMZIN – guitarist, producer, composer, author of video school “Playing acoustic and electric guitar”. For many years was playing in “Guitar World” acoustic band in concert halls of Germany.


We are professionals and work in music for along time. We have worked in different projects together and separate on radio and television shows. Finally in 2012 a Contra-J band was created!


Here we play all our thoughts and wishes, all what we like and wanted to hear from other musicians but not. We believe that our music vision is very special and in the same time it's close to everybody's mind.



2009 — Band "CONTRA-J" was founded.
2013 — Release of the first album "THE RED FIRE MACHINE" 

The Red Fire Machine


  • Alexander Lavrov - keys
  • Igor Lamzin - guitar
  • Eduard Petruhin - drums
  • Sergei Slobodin - bass
  • Pavel Protasov - bass
  • Anton Davidyants - bass
  • Yury Nugmanov - acoustic guitar
  • Vyacheslav Molchanov - guitar
  • Alexander Kuteinikov - guitar
  • Vasily Novikov - bouzouki, fretless guitar
  • Sergei Ivanishev - accordion
  • Evgeny Fedorkov - Renaissance recorders
  • Vadim Zaidin - pipe
  • Vadim Ahmetgareev - trombone
  • Maxim Paganov - trombone
  • Vladimir Belov - violin
  • Alexander Ashurnov - violin
  • Konstantin Voinov - alto
  • Mark Fridman - cello
  • Children's Choir by Valentin Ovsyannikov



A.Lavrov & I.Lamzin